Friday, June 24, 2011 Review

Are you a mom or a dad? Are you a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle, or a family friend? Is there a snot nosed, knee high, whippersnapper in your life? (Or, you know, a different synonym for "child" that maybe doesn't come from the 1920's.) Have you discovered ebeanstalk? If you haven't, you are seriously missing out and need to head over to their website immediately. Whether you are looking for Toys for a 2 year old or something to entertain a 12 year old, Ebeanstalk is designed to meet all your needs.

Affordable prices and navigational ease of their website make shopping for birthdays or Christmas incredibly simple--and fun. Both of my boys go crazy over all kinds of puzzles and books. The ebeanstalk website has an incredible selection of both and they have a recommended age for each item. I really enjoy the fact that you can browse by category, age, brand, top sellers, etc. There are so many incredible choices for age appropriate gifts.

I'm living in a testosterone filled world. In our home, it's all the boys against me. Sometimes I find myself wondering what to get for little girls when we are invited to birthday parties. I love that I can shop for 2 year old gifts or 5 year old gifts by gender if I want to and I love that ebeanstalk selects only a few of the thousands of age group toys to make it on their website. A team of child-experts makes these selections and guarantees the child's fun.

If, like me, your child has a birthday coming up
or if (again like me) you like to start Christmas shopping in June so that you can avoid the malls from October-January, head over to ebeanstalk now. Currently, you can receive free shipping if your order is $75.00 or more. It's a great time to stock up! You can also send a gift e-card or sign up for birthday reminders. Ebeanstalk also offers an Expert Advice section which has many links to articles related to child development written by doctors, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

Head over to and discover a world where shopping for children is made easier. I guarantee that you'll find something your child will love. If you can't come up something, ask my boys. They want everything.

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