Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Kix through MyBlogSpark giveaway! generated lucky number 42.

degood said...
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November 11, 2010 1:23 PM

I hope you enjoy your terrific gift!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kix Giveaway!!!

I'm bouncing off the walls about this next giveaway, y'all. Seriously. When I read about the product that was going to be arriving on my doorstep and then when it actually did, I was like a kid on Christmas tearing that box apart.

Of course, I had help from both boys as they excitedly peered into the box with me. Here's a glimpse of what they saw...

But before we get into how excited they were about the treasure let's talk for a minute about breakfast.

I seriously have to make a meal plan that includes not only dinner but also breakfast and lunch or else I stand in front of the refrigerator on school mornings or Sunday and just cannot come up with any good ideas. I put things on there like frozen waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, hard boiled eggs and bagels.

I like to mix things up.

So cereal has become a huge favorite with our boys. It's really no surprise because The Husband and I are both cereal fans. Only recently has Matthew started eating cereal with just a little bit of milk in the bottom of the bowl. The best part of Matthew eating it with milk is that, when he's done with the cereal, if I don't catch him in time, he tries to drink his milk out of the bowl. This means that he dumps whatever is left down the front of him. Usually we're on our way out the door so I'm late wherever we're going because I don't want him to smell like curdled milk all day. It's exciting.

But I really like the cereal option because it's quick and it's a healthy choice.

Confession time. I don't think my kids have ever had Kix. Even though they are Kid-Tested Mother-Approved® and I certainly remember testing--and approving--them as a kid and while I approve of them now, I don't typically buy name brand cereals. But my sons' lack of knowledge about Kix is about to change. Kix is made with whole grain corn. It's an excellent source of iron, calcium, fiber, and Vitamins C and D. Additionally, Original Kix has no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Kix also recently launched a website at

Garrett's been asking about Kix all day now. "Mommy, can I have some of the cereal that came in the mail for me soon?" I may have to bust it out for dinner if he has any say in the matter.

So. Kix provided me with an awesome giveaway through MyBlogSpark and I'm so happy to be able to provide one lucky winner with the package that arrived on my porch this morning. Let's talk about what you have a chance to win.

1. A box of Original Kix.
2. A box of Honey Kix.
3. A fun sippy-style cup. (Matthew immediately grabbed this out of the box and pranced around the house with it.)
4. A snack carrier with lid. (Matthew also toted this around.)
5. A set of awesome number flashcards. (Garrett was stoked about these.)
6. A super cool giant floor puzzle. (Both boys were taking pieces of this out of the box before I even had a chance to examine it.)

All I can say is that, if you have a preschooler in your life, you want to win this giveaway. I promise! If you have a baby in your life that will become a preschooler one day or if you know anyone with a preschooler, you want to win. Heck, if you eat cereal it's worth it just to win two boxes and save yourself almost eight bucks.

So here's how:
1. Leave a comment here. Let me know, in your comment, what your most creative and quick breakfast idea is. If you don't have a creative breakfast idea, tell me what your favorite cereal was when you were a kid. Entries that fail to answer one of the two questions will be disqualified.
2. Share the giveaway on your blog. Make sure to link back to my blog and leave your blog address.
3. Become a follower of this blog. (Already a follower? You get an entry for that too!) Let me know in a SEPARATE comment.
4. Become a follower of my main blog. (Already a follower? You get an entry for that too!) Let me know in a SEPARATE comment.

This contest will end on Thursday, November 11 at 4:00 pm MST. A winner will be selected at random. The winner will then have 24 hours to contact me with your mailing address or another winner will be selected. Please be sure to check back!

(The prize packs and information were all given to me from Kix through MyBlogSpark.)